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How to Dehydrate Food!

Now there's an easy way to get answers to your food dehydrating questions.
Simply buy the eBook, then perform a search within it (control/command "F") and enter your query in the search bar at the top of the .pdf, and you'll see all the pertinent entries in the .pdf - and, of course, there's a Table of Contents too!

  • Dehydrating Fruit, Vegetables, and Meat.

     Can you dehydrate Brussels sprouts? Lettuce? Pumpkin? Yes to all, and so much more!

  • Alternative for Ascorbic Acid for Deterring Oxidation?

    Yep, asked, and answered. It's important to use this easy-to-find and use alternative. Keeps your fruits and veggies from going brown.

  • What's the Best Food Vacuum Sealer? Where do I get the Best Bags?

    Nesco and Excalibur, Ronco and a few other brands are mentioned. We share where to get the best vacuum-sealer bags - you don't want to have punctured bags in use for long-term storage!

  • How do you dehydrate Eggs? Herbs? Snack Food?

    All these are covered in our FAQ Top 20 Topics ~ Over 225 Questions Asked, and Answered!

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