Introducing MYODF! What's that? It's short for Make Your Own Dog Food.
Give your best friend nutritious and delicious doggie food.
Make it yourself so YOU know WHAT'S IN IT!

No byproducts. No preservatives.
Just Love.

  • Chicken for protein

    Make our delicious doggie food with real chicken, or beef - heck even turkey if it's holiday time!

  • Veggies ~ because they're not just for humans

    Yes, even dogs like veggies. Celery, sweet potato, butternut squash. It's good for 'em.

  • Vitamins for vim'n'vigor

    See how to make your own vitamin powder mix for a healthy dog. Add to the mix for a shiny coat.

  • Slurpy wet kisses

    Stand by to be thanked by your dog every day. No more canned stuff for your best friend.

Make YOUR dog a Happy Dog!

  • Real Food.

    Use real food, no more canned stuff.

  • Real Good.

    Yes, it's real good. How do I know? I've eaten it. Good for humans too ~ but don't let your doggie know!

  • Real Easy to Make.

    Full step-by-step instructions. You'll have it down pat in no time flat. Get our eBook today, make your dog happy tomorrow.

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